60:Second ScubaLab: SCUBAPRO Aladin Square Dive Computer | Scuba Diving

60:Second ScubaLab: SCUBAPRO Aladin Square Dive Computer


SCUBAPRO’S Aladin Square Dive Computer gives divers important data in an instantly readable display. Large numbers are combined with an intuitive graphic layout to show dive time, depth and decompression information. Divers can program two nitrox mixes between 21 and 100 percent oxygen and can also adjust ppO2 settings to manage risk. The Aladin Square calculates intermediate stops and divers can increase their conservatism factor by selecting different micro-bubble levels. An Apnea mode is included for freediving, and has programmable ascent, descent and interval alarms. Technical divers can also select Gauge mode for using the Aladin Square as a back-up instrument. The Square’s logbook records 50 hours of dive data and has a 4-second sampling rate, allowing detailed dive analysis. The Bottom Line: Scubapro’s Aladin Square is a powerful tool for managing dives with a clean display and user-friendly format.