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ScubaLab: Dive Computers - Oceanic Geo 2.0


Mounting Options Wristwatch
Operational Modes Watch, Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free Dive
User Controls Four push buttons
Gas Mixes Two
Air-Integrated No
Onboard Compass No
PC Kit Optional, $100
Price $450

Atomic Along with a cosmetic facelift, the Geo 2.0 has a reconfigured screen, redesigned bar graphs, the ability to program multiple gas mixes up to 100 percent oxygen and Oceanic’s Dual Algorithm. There’s also a retooled interface that lets you step forward or backward through the menus and settings easily. On the surface, this is an attractive full-featured watch, and in the water it’s a nice dive data cruncher. The main screen is easy to read with just the most important info offered (Depth, NDL, BT and a N2-loading bar graph), while alternate screens fill in the rest of the details. However, in what seems to be the trend these days, the bar graphs are so narrow they blend in with the background, making them hard to see.

Bottom Line

This is a great multifunction dive computer that does double-duty as a topside wristwatch for workday use. You get a lot of features and functions — which can be liberal or conservative, depending on the algorithm you choose — at a price that rivals many of the more basic computers, making it our pick for Best Buy for 2010.

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Basic Computers
We define basic dive computers as single-gas units, nitrox capable to 50 percent. Computers in this category are good for recreational diving, plus they can function as backup computers or simple bottom timers for deep or technical diving. They range from no-frills, budget models to full-featured DCs with air integration. None of these DCs come with onboard compasses, although many come packaged in consoles that include traditional modular compasses.
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Advanced Computers
These are full-featured dive computers designed for divers who want the option of ratcheting up their diving experiences. Advanced computers allow you to program multiple mixes up to 100 percent oxygen that can be switched while at depth. They often also offer features like onboard compasses.
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