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60:Second ScubaLab: Apeks Flight Regulator

apeks flight regulator

Apeks calls the Flight “the lightest regulator in the world,” and we’d have to agree. Our test reg, a yoke-style model, weighed in at only one pound, five ounces, by far the lightest reg ScubaLab has ever reviewed, and the DIN version is four ounces lighter! The reg’s compact, pressure-adjustable balanced diaphragm first stage has a forged brass skeletal body that’s covered with a semi-crystalline thermoplastic composite material, selected for its high strength-to-weight ratio. The pneumatically balanced second stage is almost as compact. The Flight is a real dynamo when it comes to delivering gas. It turned in excellent work of breathing at all test depths and rates on ScubaLab’s breathing machine. In real-world tests, divers found the Flight to be a smooth, dry breather in all positions. The second stage is neutrally buoyant, so you can forget about jaw fatigue, and its Integrated Venturi System lever controls freeflows on the surface while optimizing venturi assistance at depth. The bottom line: Recommended for water temperatures above 50 degrees Farenheit, the Flight is designed primarily for the traveling diver. It’s as lightweight and compact as they come, yet delivers big-time breathing performance. Click here for more information. Find this product at your local Aqua Lung dealer.