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ScubaLab: Regulators - Apeks Flight


Weight 1 lb., 9 oz.
1st Stage Balanced Diaphragm
Ports 2HP, 4LP
2nd Stage Pneumatically Balanced
Adjustments Venturi Lever
Warranty Limited Lifetime
MSRP $595, Stage 3 Set, $790

Test Stats

Breathing-Simulator Performance Excellent
Real-World Performance Very Good

The Apeks Flight is the lightest reg ScubaLab has ever reviewed, and one of the most compact. The first stage is about the size of a golf ball, and its forged brass skeletal body is covered with a semicrystalline thermoplastic composite material selected for its high strength-to-weight ratio. The second stage is almost as compact and includes a ComfoBite mouthpiece. Connecting the two is a lightweight high-flex hose with a double-braided cover that, according to Apeks, has a burst pressure more than twice that of traditional hoses. The rig is also available in a “Stage 3” set, which includes both a primary second stage and a yellow octopus.


The Flight might be small, but it delivers big-time breathing performance. It aced all breathing simulator tests without breaking a sweat. This top-flight performance carried over into real-world diving, where the reg breathed smooth and dry in all positions. The compact second stage is very light in the mouth. It’s also neutrally buoyant, so you can forget about jaw fatigue. The dive/predive lever, called an Integrated Venturi System, does a good job of controlling free-flows on the surface while optimizing venturi assistance at depth. The ComfoBite mouthpiece is both comfortable and holds the reg securely in the mouth.

Bottom Line:

Lightweight and compact, the Flight is perfect for the traveling diver. It comes with its own transport bag, and is available in a female version with pink accents and a smaller mouthpiece.

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