ScubaLab: Regulators - Cressi MC5 Steel | Scuba Diving

ScubaLab: Regulators - Cressi MC5 Steel


Weight 1 lbs., 15 oz.
1st Stage Balanced Diaphragm
Ports 1HP, 3LP
2nd Stage Unbalanced
Adjustments Dive/Predive Lever
Warranty Limited Lifetime
MSRP $368

Test Stats

Breathing-Simulator Performance Good to Very Good
Real-World Performance Good to Very Good

There are a number of compact first stages in this year’s collection of new regs, but the MC5 is the most compact of them all. It hooks up to the steel version of Cressi’s Ellipse second stage fitted with an easy-to-access venturi lever located on the top of the casing.


On the ANSTI machine, the MC5 Steel delivered above-average work of breathing within the simulated range of recreational diving and was able to hold its own when pushed to extremes. This translated into some solid breathing performance in the ocean, delivering gas easily in the swimming position and maintaining dry breaths in all positions. The Ellipse Steel second stage clears easily with just a puff from the lungs, but the purge button is really stiff and flows a weak stream of air. It’s also a noisy breather. However, the top-mounted venturi lever is easy to find and effective in preventing surface free-flows. The reg also scored high for comfort with a light feel and a soft mouthpiece.

Bottom Line:

This is a basic reg that delivers gas reliably. The stiff purge is annoying, and if you dive in a drysuit and carry an octo, the MC5 doesn’t offer enough LP ports.

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