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Ultralight Control Systems

Ultralight Control Systems has been in the underwater photography and scuba diving industry since 1993. We are in the business of making light weight aluminum arms for attaching your topside or underwater camera or housing to your topside flash or underwater strobes. We can also attach lights to your video. Ultralight makes one of the lightest weight arm systems on the market. All of our products are made with 6061 aluminum that is machined and then hard anodized, to withstand the harshest treatment. In addition to arms, we offer a full line of trays, pivots, adapters for all strobes, and video applications, along with numerous accessories.

The Ultralight arms may look like just another set of adjustable spherical ball arms on the market; but close inspection will prove otherwise. Ultralight arms have been totally re-engineered to incorporate the maximum clamping action possible. The inclusion of an o-ring greatly increases the friction forces at the joint, therefore, keeping the arms where you put them. The o-ring also gets away from the metal to metal contact between the clamp and the ball of the arm. The lightweight pattern not only looks great; but also allows the arms to keep their required rigidity while keeping the weight to an absolute minimum. Made exclusively in the US.

Our system is designed as a three-clamp system to function as your own arm would. A joint at three positions gives you the maximum flexibility. Variations using two clamps are possible, especially for video applications.

We think that once you have tried our product you will agree it is the best, lightest weight, most convenient, and versatile on the market.

There are other arm systems out there; but none can compare to ours. We may be a little more expensive; but you will never have to buy another set of arms again.

ultralight control systems


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