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HOG 1000-Lumen LED Rechargeable DL-20 Dive Light: ScubaLab Best Buy

ScubaLab tested the HOG 1000-lumen LED rechargeable DL-20 dive light. It was our Best Buy for compact dive lights.

We measured light output on a full and partially discharged battery at Wilger Testing Company in Sarasota, Florida. Lights were tested using an integrating sphere to measure the total light output in lumens, without regard to beam angle.

We also tested lights at Devil’s Den Spring in Williston, Florida with a team of test divers who scored them in several categories including ease of use, light output and beam size and shape.

A recessed switch protects this light from accidental activation without interfering with normal operation. The multi-function button is ergonomic and responsive and provides divers with quick, easy access to three power settings. Holding the button enters emergency mode with options for a fast or slow strobe and an SOS flash.

The light’s design is well-balanced with just enough to hold onto for a very comfortable and supportive grip. “Feels good in the hand and easy to operate switch,” one test diver commented. Though compact, the light’s wide club-like head could make it harder to stow in a tight pocket. In the lab, output measured below the manufacturer’s claims, but the DL-20 was still among the brighter lights in its category. More concerning was the almost 70-percent reduction after discharging for 60 minutes.

In the water, test divers had high praise for the beam. They scored it very good for light output and beam size and shape. “Beam is perfect shape, brightness” and “good hotspot” were typical test diver comments. The light is depth-rated to 230 feet. A favorite among testers with above-average performance across the board, the DL-20 is our Best Buy for compact dive lights.