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HOG Total Buoyancy Control System BCD: ScubaLab Testers Choice

By Robby Myers | Updated On September 28, 2021
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HOG Total Buoyancy Control System BCD: ScubaLab Testers Choice

We tested the HOG Total Buoyancy Control System. Capable, comfortable and customizable, it was our Testers Choice for back-inflation BCs.

We tested BCs at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Central Florida. We conducted objective tests in the pool to measure buoyant lift and inherent buoyancy and to gauge each BC’s ability to cope with a runaway power inflator.

We also conducted a series of test dives where testers scored BCs in eleven categories including comfort, stability and ascent control.

Incredibly customizable, this system gives divers a plethora of options to configure their BC just how they like it, including the choice of stainless steel, aluminum or a flexible soft back plate. (We tried all three.) Divers can also choose between different bladder sizes, weight pockets and harness configurations. The system took the top score for adjustability, allowing users to really dial in the perfect fit. That, combined with the padded shoulder straps and optional cushioned back pad translated to a very good score for comfort. “Comfortable, like it was made for me,” is how one tester described it. The system was rated very good for attitude and stability, especially in swim position. Despite testers’ misgivings about the jumbo-sized inflator hose, the system also took top scores for ascent control and valve operation. Several large metal D-rings provide multiple mounting points for accessories. A favorite among divers, the Total Buoyancy Control System offers a comfortable, heavy-duty dive platform that is endlessly adaptable. It was our Testers Choice for back-inflation BCs.