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How To Find the Perfect Mask

ScubaLab has developed a six-step process for a foolproof mask fitting
By Robby Myers | Updated On March 30, 2020
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How To Find the Perfect Mask

Divers with Masks and Snorkel

Follow these six-steps developed by ScubaLab.

Justin Lewis

When it comes to choosing your mask, your primary factor should be fit and comfort. That's why ScubaLab has developed the following six-step process for foolproof mask fitting that you can do without even having to get your face wet.

1. Look up toward the ceiling and place the mask on your face without using the strap. It may help to remove the strap if it gets in your way. The mask should rest gently on with no gaps between your face and the mask skirt.

2. Place a regulator or snorkel mouthpiece in your mouth. Does the mask still fell comfortable? Have any gaps appeared?

3. Now look forward. Place the mask on your face without using the straps and gently inhale through your nose. The mask should seal easily on your face. Make sure you don't suck too hard, as this distort the skirt and give a false seal. A properly fitting mask will seal with a gentle touch.

4. Repeat step three with a regulator or snorkel mouthpiece in place.

5. If the mask maintains a seal, adjust the strap and put the mask on your face. Make sure that the nose pocket doesn't touch your nose and that the frame doesn't rub the bridge of your nose or putting uncomfortable pressure on your forehead.

6. Put the regulator mouthpiece in place once more time and make sure you can easily reach the nose pocket to equalize your ears.

Secondary Considerations
Once you've narrowed your options down to only include masks that fit, you can begin to look at secondary factors such as color and design. Here are a few key categories to consider.

Single-lens masks offer a wide, uninterrupted field of view. Dual-lens mask can often have a smaller volume, making them easier to clear and equalize. Dual-lens masks can often be outfitted with corrective lenses.

Clear silicone skirts let in a lot more light and can even increase field of view if it is transparent. Black silicone shades your eyes and reduces glare in bright, sunny environments.

Standard silicone straps are secure and easy to adjust. Elastic straps are easy to get on and off and won't tangle in long hair.