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The Incomparable Red Sea

*All Star Red Sea* delivers adventurous scuba safaris in Egypt’s Red Sea
By Scuba Diving Partner | Updated On June 16, 2022
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The Incomparable Red Sea

A large boat on the water

This newly renovated vessel is one of the largest, most spacious and luxurious dive liveaboards serving the Red Sea.

Courtesy of All Star Liveaboards

Exotic. Diverse. Electrifying. Unforgettable. The profusion of adjectives that describe the Red Sea may seem over-the-top, but they are fitting. And the same words can be used to describe the underwater experiences here. One of the world’s most popular and breathtaking dive destinations, the Red Sea teems with colorful fish, lush reefs, historic wrecks and schools of dolphins and sharks.

The best way to experience it all is of course by liveaboard. All Star Liveaboards, which had its humble beginnings with one vessel in the Bahamas more than 40 years ago, has added Red Sea itineraries and the All Star Red Sea to its fleet of yachts in the Bahamas, Indonesia, British Virgin Islands and the Philippines. This exceptional vessel stands in a class all of its own — and has itineraries to match.

The name given to the Red Sea is, of course, totally inaccurate. The water is a deep, beautiful blue. Bordered by the deserts of countries in Africa and Asia, the 1,200-mile-long sea is actually an inlet of the Indian Ocean. It is one of Earth’s richest marine ecosystems. Sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins and fish of every size, shape and color are found in astonishingly large numbers. Thanks to its relative isolation, the sea is home to quirky variations on Indo-Pacific fish species, such as the royal angelfish, masked butterflyfish and Picasso triggerfish. Colorful reefs and fish are found throughout the Red Sea, but a northern itinerary also features a plethora of wrecks and deep walls, while a southern one is graced by beautiful coral seamounts and canyons.

A shark with many smaller fish swimming around it

Dive with the sharks or simply observe. The Red Sea is home to the following species: hammerheads, silkys, silvertips, grey reef, oceanic whitetips, threshers and whale sharks.

Courtesy of All Star Liveaboards

Northern, Central and Southern Itineraries

On a northern trip, All Star Red Sea cruises Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve and the Straits of Tiran, and puts divers on the world-famous SS Thistlegorm and Abu Nuhas’ shipwrecks. Depending on the season, divers have a good chance of encountering gray reef, silky and whale sharks. The coral reefs here are packed with marine life, ranging from swaying gorgonian fans to table-top corals. Manta rays, dolphins, rare nudibranchs and long-nosed hawkfish are among the residents on these reefs. Thrilling drop-offs add to the diversity of diving on this itinerary.

The highlights of trips to the central and southern islands include the marine parks of Brothers Islands and Daedalus Reef, and of course, various species of sharks. Black- and whitetip sharks are found on the northern plateau of Elphinstone Reef, another spectacular spot All Star Red Sea has on its itinerary. Whale shark season coincides with early-summer plankton blooms; this nutrient soup also brings in mantas and turtles. If thresher sharks are on your bucket list, book a trip in winter when there’s a better chance of encountering one of these beauties. Hammerheads can be found around the Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone, but the best chance is on the southern trips in May and June that run to St. Johns, Rocky Island and Zabargad.

On Board All Star Red Sea: Luxury, Stability and Comfort

This newly renovated vessel is one of the largest, most spacious and luxurious dive liveaboards serving the Red Sea. The striking decor features rich wood tones throughout, deep blue colors, leather seating and sleek accents. All Star Red Sea accommodates up to 26 guests over four decks. It is 141 feet (43 meters) long and 30 feet (9 meters) wide and offers four spacious suites and nine twin cabins, each with a newly updated interior and all the comforts of home. The upper sundeck is the perfect place to kick back in between dives, or you can relax in the air-conditioned salon with a cozy common area, entertainment center and bar. This is also where meals are served, with buffet-style menus blending delicious local and Western dishes in addition to unlimited coffee, tea, water and snacks. One level up, you’ll find another generous sundeck with seating and a flybridge boasting panoramic views of the Red Sea.

For the convenience of divers, the dive deck features two private bathrooms with hot water and showers, gear storage and camera tables. Two tenders transfer divers to dive sites. Divers receive attentive and personalized guest service from an expert international crew, and nitrox and PADI courses are available options. When you’re done diving, you’ll love the hot towel that’s handed to you and enjoy either a hot drink or fresh fruit juice smoothie.

A bed with a white comforter

Spacious cabins, ample storage and a large en suite bath await guests on All Star Red Sea.

Courtesy of All Star Liveaboards

And There’s More

All Star Red Sea offers “Shark Weeks” from May until June and during the fall. Both seasons focus on swimming with and viewing sharks. While sightings are not guaranteed, sharks frequent the spots the vessel visits. The late spring/early summer trips provide experiences with hammerhead and grey reef sharks. During the fall, dive trips feature destinations known for whitetip shark sightings. These encounters are led by a marine biologist.

Specialty voyages are also offered, featuring kitesurfing, and tec and rebreather support. All Star Red Sea is also available for private full and half charters.

Before or after your dive excursion, many dive guests add on a cultural excursion to visit Egypt’s renowned attractions, including the Pyramids of Giza, a Nile River cruise including Luxor or Aswan, and cultural and historical sites in Cairo.

The All Star Promise

Throughout the years, as All Star Liveaboards has added to its fleet and portfolio of exciting destinations, one constant has always remained — a passion for giving their guests a memorable dive vacation. Every member of All Star’s dive management team is a scuba diver and understands the unique needs of their customers. Whether you choose a northern or southern itinerary, wrecks, reefs or sharks, All Star Red Sea will deliver on that promise.