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Carrie Garcia

Win This!

When we asked readers and Facebook fans to tell us about their favorite memory of the last 20 years of Scuba Diving for our March/April 2012 issue, this one from Kerry Smith VanScoik stood out — and wins the Nautilus Lifeline we featured in the September/October 2011 issue:

This is not so much a memory but my future. It’s also a thank you to Scuba Diving and the Diver to Diver message board on

Peter VanScoik (D2D handle: fugu) and I got married Jan. 21, 2012. We met at the annual D2D lemon shark dive in Jupiter, Florida, in 2008. We announced our engagement at the 2011 event and timed the wedding to coincide with the 2012 lemon shark weekend. We knew a majority of our guests would already be in town and it seemed the best time and place to celebrate.

Kerry and Peter VanScoik

The entire wedding has ties to the diving community. A local dive shop reserved the Jupiter Civic Center for us. John Conley (johnoly) is providing lobster tails caught off Jupiter for the reception. The officiant is the partner of Richard Salkin (sapien). The caterer is the fiance of one of the local dive boat captains, who is also a guest at the wedding. The photographer is Robyn Churchill (reefgazer23), a friend and fellow D2Der. Even the cake baker turned out to be a diver. —Kerry Smith VanScoik (DiveCandy)

Congratulations, Kerry and Peter! The Nautilus Lifeline is a compact, waterproof GPS/VHF-radio combo that has a voice and data range of up to eight miles. Unlike EPIRBs, which report to satellites and distant emergency stations, the Nautilus Lifeline beams your distress call directly to boats in the immediate area using standard VHF marine radio to provide your exact position plus voice communications.

For details on how to win a Riffe knife, click here.