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The New LEFEET P1 Underwater Scooter Delivers in Style and Power

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The New LEFEET P1 Underwater Scooter Delivers in Style and Power

Scooter manufacturer LEFEET has just announced a kick starter campaign for their new P1 underwater scooter. This compact, powerful scooter is easy to travel with and can help you save air and effort while covering more distance during your dives.

The P1 uses a modular design that can be assembled and disassembled without tools in under a minute. The base model includes a rechargeable 100-watt-hour battery, which securely attaches to the propeller unit. Next attach the aluminum crossbar, grip and wireless remote control.

The ergonomic remote control has a trigger throttle to activate propulsion and a thumb-switch to set the speed. The main unit has an OLED screen which displays current speed and battery status.

Additional components can be used to configure the P1 for different purposes including a two-propeller model for double the power or a hands-free tank-mounted setup. It can also be mounted to the legs for freediving or attached to a stand-up paddle board or hydrofoil.

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The standard battery provides users with four speed options and a 60-minute runtime. The extended 160-watt-hour battery provides an additional 30 minutes of runtime and a turbo-charged “Hurricane” speed. It can be utilized in any configuration for a substantial increase in speed and duration.

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We had the opportunity to dive the P1 at Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, Florida.

We liked how compact and lightweight the P1's aluminum body is. The base model weighs about seven pounds when fully assembled and is comparable in size to a small DSLR camera housing. We found it was very agile and easy to maneuver underwater and unobtrusive when clipped off when not in use.

The system provides plenty of power and runtime. The standard P1 unit did a great job propelling us at a consistent cruising speed when we were equipped in 5mm suits and appropriate gear and it had no trouble towing an additional diver. It was also surprisingly quiet. The marine life we encountered didn’t seem bothered by it as we passed by.

The standard 100-watt-hour battery lasted our entire 40-minute dive with near-constant use at varying speeds, which did not including our moderate surface swims to and from shore using the scooter.

We really liked the ease and simplicity of using the P1. The operation is very user-friendly. As are its lightweight, compact dimensions. The system is very versatile and can be modified on the fly without tools into any of its various configurations. We were able to fit three complete systems including remotes, chargers and accessories into a single carry-on size case for easy transport. Both the standard and extended battery are airline compliant.

Learn more about the LEFEET P1 underwater scooter.