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One Scuba Diver’s Definition of “Happy Hour”

For landlubbers, Happy Hour means enjoying an adult beverage, but for this diver, a thrilling, 60-minute shark encounter is a much bigger adrenaline rush.
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One Scuba Diver’s Definition of “Happy Hour”

“Happy Hour” usually takes on a single meaning: It’s 5 p.m. and time to kick back with an adult beverage. But for me, “Happy Hour” is something much more exciting: It’s my 60 minutes underwater with sharks. The thrill never gets old when you encounter any shark while scuba diving, even a nurse shark!

These magnificent predators are by nature extremely curious. Once you understand their inquisitive nature, every underwater Happy Hour with them brings you closer to the most satisfying and amazing experience anyone can have. The sights, sounds and emotions of the dive will remain etched in your memory, providing a lifetime of stories to share with friends and family. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a first-time adventurer, a shark diving experience is sure to be a highlight of the dives you record in your logbook.

A shark swimming in the water

Each moment spent on an underwater Happy Hour with Aggressor Adventures is a treasure trove of unforgettable memories, ready to be shared for a lifetime.

Courtesy of Aggressor Adventures

While the experience is an eerily quiet and calm approach — and then retreat — by the sharks, it leaves a profound impact on you that is hard to explain to your nondiving family and friends. Many people have been traumatized by sensationalist movies about sharks, but we divers know that those depictions are inaccurate. Having said that, even knowing the myths are not true, we divers still experience an adrenaline rush when we spot one.

We operate liveaboards in many destinations around the world where the same shark is so frequently spotted, and with easily identifiable details, that the staff has named them. The staff can even predict with a fair amount of certainty which dive sites you will see a specific shark. These encounters are among the most popular among our guests.

Just as the case is with any wild feral animal, no matter how often any shark has been spotted by divers over long periods of time, you should never take their curiosity for friendliness. They remain a wild animal, and if provoked, could respond with unfortunate consequences. Remaining calm, stationary and appreciative of their grace and beauty is exactly the encounter that both the scuba diver and shark should have on every dive.

A shark swimming in the water

The AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course delves into the critical role of sharks within ocean ecosystems. By being informed, you can become an educated shark defender by dispelling misconceptions and taking action to protect sharks.

Courtesy of Aggressor Adventures

Taking a course on shark conservation and identification will enhance your enjoyment for this species. You’ll learn the value of sharks in not only keeping the natural food chain intact and healthy in scuba diving destinations around the world but also the huge economic boost that tourists bring to those destinations. These tourist dollars help the local economy and families build better lives for themselves.

These are just two of the most important reasons countries and islands create marine parks and protected areas. The natural balance of nature can be leveraged to uplift those areas of the world where poverty still prevails, and in turn, provide you with an experience like none other on Earth.

If your Happy Hour has been limited to a local bar and a cocktail, you are missing out on the best definition — and experience — of Happy Hour ever!

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Wayne Brown

CEO Aggressor Adventures

PADI Instructor 174820