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Join the North Carolina Wreck/Shark Shootout and Win Prizes

By Scuba Diving Partner | Updated On February 1, 2024
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Join the North Carolina Wreck/Shark Shootout and Win Prizes

Sand Tiger sharks are just one of the things divers can look forward to in the North Carolina Wreck/Shark Shootout.

Mike Gerken

Please join Mike Gerken for the First North Carolina Wreck/Shark Shootout with Olympus Dive Center in Morehead City, North Carolina, May 30 to June 2, 2014.

Mike Gerken is hosting the first North Carolina Wreck/Shark Shootout.

Courtesy Mike Gerken

The diving will commence on Friday morning, May 30, on board Olympus' MV Midnight Express and run for the next four days, ending on Monday, June 2. There will be presentations, lodging, workshops, cookouts and an awards dinner event, all included in this package. Mike will be using his more than 10 years experience diving and photographing the wrecks of North Carolina to put you on the sites offering the best conditions and the healthiest population of sharks at that time.

The first North Carolina Wreck/Shark Shootout will take place from May 30 to June 2.

Mike Gerken

If you're not a photographer or videographer, no problem, the diving is open to all.

Click here to see images and videos that will clearly spell out why diving North Carolina is so special.

The deadline to sign up is APRIL 30.

See below for information from the organizers:

Click HERE for a video of what's in store at the Shootout

Schedule of Events

Thursday — Arrival, check in and briefing (not mandatory)

Friday 7 a.m. — Day One Diving

Friday 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. — Grillin' on the Dock

Friday 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. — Presentation by Mike Gerken

Saturday 7 a.m. — Day Two Diving

Saturday 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. — Free Photo Workshop with Mike Gerken (followed by dinner; location to be announced)

Sunday 7 a.m. — Day Three Diving

Sunday 6 p.m. — Deadline to enter photos and video shorts (see rules)

Sunday 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. — Awards dinner at the amazing Floyd's 1921 Restaurant (buffet-style dinner included)

Monday 7 a.m. — Day Four Diving (A final day of pure fun before heading home)


$765.00 pp w/ 4 nights lodging

$625.00 pp w/o lodging

What's Included:

*Lodging that is included will be at the Olympus Dive Center lodge which is bunk bed-style accommodation. See this link for a list of hotels and motels if you opt out of the lodge.

Visit this link for Diver Certification Requirements

50 percent deposit must be made to reserve spot(s). Full payment due 45 days out from charter date. Full refund will be offered up to 30 days of the charter date with no refunds within 30 days. Full refund will be issued if charter(s) are cancelled due to weather or any other reason. Payments can be made with credit card, check, cash or Pay Pal.

Email [email protected] or call him at 631-255-7413 to reserve your spot and to make a deposit.

Photo Video Contest Rules

  • Submit still images in JPEG format in any one of the categories below for a chance to win prizes (prizes to be announced).
  • Family and present staff members of Olympus Dive Center are prohibited from competing
  • All images submitted must be taken on the dates of the shootout only. Metadata of the files will be required with date.
  • Submissions will only be accepted from those who sign up for the event.

Example Categories

  • Best Wreck/Shark Shot
  • Best Wreck Shot
  • Best Shark Shot
  • Best Video Short (Must be less than 2 minutes in length)

All video and photos must be taken on one of the three charter days of the contest. All materials must be submitted to Mike Gerken for judging by no later than Sunday at 6pm. (Judges to be announced)

Diving Conditions

During this time of the year water temperatures can be in the mid-seventies with visibility averaging 50 feet and exceeding 100 feet on a good day. Diving will take place in the open ocean up to 35 miles from shore with depths ranging from 60 feet to 120 feet. Some current is possible with choppy seas common. Appropriate dive skills required (see above)

A Typical Day of North Carolina Diving

  • Arrive at 6am to check in and load the boat
  • Depart the dock no later than 7am *weather permitting
  • Motor for up to 2 hours each way to one or two of the best wreck sites off the Carolina Coast
  • Return to the dock between 3 and 4pm

*Diving on any given day will be subject to the weather with the captain determining if the charter will proceed. Full refunds of charter fees and equipment rentals will be given in the event of cancellation.