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Pensacola’s YDT-14 Wreck

One of the highlights of diving in Pensacola is exploring the numerous shipwrecks located in the area. The Gulf of Mexico's warm waters and strong currents have created an ideal environment for wreck diving.

San Pablo: A Colorful Wreck Dive off Pensacola

Tourists flock to Florida’s Panhandle for its gorgeous Gulf beaches, but divers come for the wrecks that lie offshore

U.S.S. Oriskany

There are almost no better scuba bragging rights than diving an aircraft carrier.

Diving RMS Rhone in the Shadow of a Storm

Scuba Diving Magazine staffer Candice Landau travels to the British Virgin Islands in the shadow of a storm to seek out history and wreck diving.

Hen and Chickens

Hen and Chickens

Diving the Adolphus Busch Sr. on Big Pine Key

The former island freighter, which had a brief movie career, is now one of the marquee attractions along the Florida Keys Wreck Trek

Thunderbolt: The Centerpiece of Marathon’s Dive Slate

Dive this former WWII cable-laying ship intentionally scuttled off the middle of the Florida Keys nearly four decades ago.

The Vandenberg: From Military Ship to Massive Artificial Reef in Key West

The ship that once monitored Soviet missile launches during the Cold War is now a captivating artificial reef

Flagler’s Barge: A Kaleidoscope of Marine Life

Colorful fish and sponges on this shallow wreck off Marathon is a feast for divers’ eyes