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Clockwise from top left: Jennifer Idol; Courtesy Arenui; David Benz; Courtesy CocoView Resort; Jennifer Penner; Courtesy Aldora Divers

Scuba Diving's 2023 Readers Choice Awards

You've spoken–this is the best diving in the world.
By Candice Landau | Updated On November 13, 2023
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Scuba Diving's 2023 Readers Choice Awards

This year marks the 30th anniversary of our annual Readers Choice survey, which ranks the world’s best diving according to you, our dedicated readers.

With over 3,252 responses from participants picking favorites and sharing plans for future dive travel, this issue gives you reader-driven insight into the top dive operators, dive resorts, liveaboards, dive travel agencies, and family-friendly diving experiences.

It’s one of our favorite times of the year not just because we get to hand out golden trophies that make it look like we’re awarding Oscars, but also because we are keen as mustard to find out where you want to go and with whom. We are, after all, a team of nosy writers.

Cozumel is a time-honored reader favorite. Not surprising, when you factor in the glorious colors, healthy reefs and relaxing drift diving.

In all seriousness, your choices also help us make editorial decisions. So, when you tell us if money weren’t a factor you’d be diving “the Andrea Doria" or "anywhere whale sharks are,” we set out to pursue the story.

As you page through this issue we hope you are inspired to begin planning your next trip. If you still need a little help deciding, the top three destinations readers are headed to in 2023 are Cozumel, Bonaire and Roatan. We’ll see you out there!

— Candice Landau, Scuba Diving magazine's Senior Content Manager

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