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The Safety Gear All Divers Should Have

Redundancy isn't a bad word when diving — you should always have back up equipment to avoid dangerous situations.
By Robby Myers | Authored On March 9, 2022
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The Safety Gear All Divers Should Have

1| Scubapro S270 Balanced Octopus


Hi-Flow mouthpiece features a large cross section to maximize air-flow.

Jon Whittle

Sporting a highly visible yellow cover, this lightweight, durable second stage is easy to find in an emergency. Air-balanced valves provide smooth inhalation at depth, and compact exhaust tee minimizes exhalation effort. The reg’s design uses a technopolymer plastic barrel with a metal thread and balanced valve to reduce weight and improve freeze resistance.

MSRP $299 |

2| Spare Air - Spare Air 300


Easy to assemble and fill, and packs for safe travel.

Spare Air

Known as “the diver’s reserve parachute,” the Spare Air is 
a must-have piece of equipment for the safety-conscious diver. With 3 cubic feet of breathing gas, the 300 is 13.4 inches long and 2.25 inches in diameter, and is ready to breathe when you pull it from its easy-mount holster. Drain the tank, spin off the regulator, and it’s ready for air travel.

MSRP $350 |

3| Spare Air - Spare Air 600


Still compact, with double the air supply of the standard Spare Air.

Spare Air

With 6 cubic feet of breathing gas, this compact option gives you double the air supply of the Spare Air 300. Despite the higher capacity,
 it fits in a package that’s the same length and still just 3.25 inches in diameter. Like all Spare Air models, it’s easy to fill from any scuba tank using the included adapter—with no tools required—and it’s even safe to fly with when empty.

MSRP $450 |

4| Spare Air - Spare Air Extreme 6


Easily toggle between snorkel and scuba when working in shallow water.

Spare Air

The Spare Air Extreme 6 displayed.

Spare Air

This miniature scuba system uses the Snorkelator, a patented technology that combines the snorkel with any diving regulator so you can toggle between surface air and compressed gas with the flip of a switch. This lightweight, minimalist rig is useful for working in shallow water, such as when doing boat maintenance or hunting lobster.

MSRP $525 |