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Scubapro Level BCD: ScubaLab Testers Choice

By Robby Myers | Authored On June 7, 2022
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Scubapro Level BCD: ScubaLab Testers Choice

We tested the Scubapro Level. A favorite of test divers, it was our Testers Choice for jacket BCs.

We tested BCs at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Central Florida. We conducted objective tests in the pool to measure buoyant lift and inherent buoyancy and to gauge each BC’s ability to cope with a runaway power inflator. We also conducted a series of test dives where testers scored BCs in eleven categories including comfort, stability and ascent control.

This update to the Level provides comfort and performance that earned very good scores across the board. This jacket is lean on padding, opting instead for materials that don’t add excess buoyancy, but nonetheless proved to be very comfortable. The wraparound air cell, which offers up to 36 pounds in size large, is very stable with good attitude control. It doesn’t squeeze or restrict movement when inflated, and is complemented by a full-size backpack for additional stability and support.

The harness features a lot of adjustment to further fine-tune fit and comfort. Integrated weights are outfitted with external pinch buckles for maximum security and easy operation. Built-in trim pockets are mounted on the rear of the BC.

Velcro-secured cargo pockets are too flat and narrow to be of much use, but the BC is outfitted with four metal D-rings, mounting grommets and two octo pockets. The BC scored very good for valve operation and attitude control. An ergonomic, responsive power-inflator and multiple easy-to-reach dump valves allow for precision when inflating and deflating the air cell.

A favorite among test divers, the Level is our Testers Choice for jacket BCs.