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Peep Show: Dive with Hundreds of Thousands of Spawning Cuttlefish in South Australia

The typically inconspicuous giant Australian cuttlefish puts on a spicy performance during mating season 

Carl Charter Named April Sea Hero for Making the Underwater World Accessible to Nondivers

More than 30 years of marine conservation work led PADI Pro Carl Charter to shift his focus to what really matters: marine education, and creating opportunities for everyone to experience the beauty and wonder of the ocean.

Australian Teen Shalise Leesfield Named 2022 Sea Hero of the Year

The conservationist secured local government grants to tackle marine pollution locally and championed a Hope Spot at Fish Rock, one of her favorite dive sites—all at age 15.

Dive Hotspots You Should Have on Your Radar

These are the best sites, hidden drops and seasonal experiences in the Philippines, Cayman Islands and Australia.

Five Incredible Dives On Ningaloo Reef, Australia's Overlooked Treasure

This UNESCO World Heritage reef has the world’s largest whale shark aggregation and is home to one of the world’s best shore dives.

What It's Like Diving Australia's Neutrally-Buoyant Wonder Reef

Created by artists and engineers, Wonder Reef’s nine spiral flute structures form a floating reef off the coast of Queensland.

The Best Destinations in the World for Diving with Big Animals

Sharks, whales, manta rays and other pelagic delights abound from the Bahamas to Australia.

What It’s Like to Sleep Underwater on the Great Barrier Reef

The *Lady Musgrave Experience*, a new liveaboard pontoon in Australia, gives divers and snorkelers a week of exploring and sleeping on the reef.

"Living Seawalls" Provide New Homes for Coastal Marine Life—And They're Going Global

Spreading around the world from Australia, these 3D panels help restore marine habitats damaged by shoreline development.