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Five Great Greek Islands for Scuba Diving

With 10,000 miles of stunning coastline, Greece offers divers a little bit of everything, from wreck diving and wall diving to accessible shore diving.

How to Plan a Croatia Dive Trip

Here’s what time of year Croatian dive centers are operating, how to get around the country, what gear you need and more.

An Oil Tanker Wreck Now a Scuba Diving Paradise in Italy

MT *Haven*, the Mediterranean's largest wreck, is popular with fish and divers alike. Local divers are pushing the government to make it an MPA.

FIRST LOOK: Underwater Museum Opens in Cyprus

The Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa, an underwater forest sculpted by Jason deCaires Taylor, opens today in Cyprus.

Scuba Diving Italy’s Sunken City of Baia

Once the playground of Roman elite, divers visiting Baia today will find themselves literally swimming in history through Italy’s Atlantis.

Best Underwater Museums You Can Dive

Sculpture parks and archaeological sites offer fascinating scuba diving opportunities. Here are some of the best underwater museums you can dive.

Ten Reasons Why Croatia is the Ultimate Dive Destination

A local's guide to diving the best dive sites in Croatia.

Mediterranean Oil Spill Causes Millions in Damage to Israeli Coast

More than 1,000 tons of black tar has washed up on Israel’s coastline from Libyan-owned tanker that was spilling the crude oil into the Mediterranean Sea.