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Bailout | Lessons for Life

Freedivers need to follow safety protocols as much as divers. In this Lessons for Life account, Eric Douglas shares the story of a diver who suffers shallow-water blackout on a dive. Keep reading to find out how you can stay safe freediving.

VIDEO: What It's Like to Freedive a Glacier—Without a Wetsuit

The novice freediver shares what it took to dive Greenland’s ice for his personal mental health and to inspire others to face their own struggles.

How to Dive Channel Islands National Park

What you need to know about gear, dive charters, accommodations and packing lists when planning a Channel Islands dive trip.

A Rugged Dive Adventure Through Channel Islands National Park

Join *Scuba Diving* editors for a rugged 10-day camping, scuba and freediving adventure across Southern California’s Channel Islands National Park.

The Untold Story of South India’s Diving Fishermen

The diving fishermen in Thoothukudi and Kovalam are fighting the pressures of the modern world to keep their way-of-life—and connection to the sea—alive.

What is the PADI Freediver Course?

This PADI course teaches you how to spend extended periods of time underwater on a single breath, making it easier to encounter marine life and improving your air consumption while diving.

Don't Push Freediving Limits | Lessons for Life

An inexperienced freediver tries to push his limits, putting himself and his dive buddy at risk of drowning.

The Island of Giants: Swimming with Blue Whales in Sri Lanka

Travelers can swim with blue whales in Sri Lanka and sea elephants in land when they visit this Indian Ocean gem.

New Scuba Diving Gear For June 2017

ScubaLab's quick guide to must-have scuba diving gear. Check out the latest scuba diving gear.