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Gear Review

Nex Maya Scuba Regulator: ScubaLab Best Buy

A compact, lightweight breather with comfort, convenience and performance, the Nex Maya is a ScubaLab Best Buy.

How the BARE Guardian Tech Dry Drysuit Performed in My Intro to Cave Class

Where better to put a drysuit through its paces than in Florida's iconic cave systems? Okay, maybe Antarctica, but when you test drysuits in Florida, something that can hold up to the rough limestone walls of a cave takes precedence.

Tankless Diving or How to Get Anyone Interested in Scuba Diving

Though I’d never seen tankless dive gear in action, the benefit of this system—so small it fitted in a backpack—was obvious. It was light and portable. Not only would it give people access to hard-to-reach bodies of water but it would also serve as “a gateway drug to scuba diving” given you don’t need a scuba certification to try it.

This is the Best Dive Gear for 2023

These are the dive knives, flashlights, regulators, video lights, BCDs, wetsuits and masks, according to our independent testers.

ScubaLab Reviews 21 Dive Lights

ScubaLab test divers tried 21 new dive lights for this 2022 scuba diving light review.

Thirteen Underwater Video Lights Reviewed by ScubaLab

Here's what you should know about these underwater lights, including which earned ScubaLab's Testers Choice and Best Buy selections.

The Best Scuba Regulators of 2022 Reviewed

Regulators from dive gear manufacturers including SCUBAPRO, SEAC and NEX are tested head-to-head.

16 Dive Knives and Cutting Tools Reviewed by ScubaLab

Waterproof cutting tools are an important safety tool for your dive kit. Here's what we thought of the latest lines.

ScubaLab Reviews 12 New BCDs

Here's what our tests revealed about these jacket- and wing-style buoyancy control devices.