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TUSA Scores Big in ScubaLab Testing

Discover the mask, fins and snorkel that made waves in the 2023 and 2024 ScubaLab tests.

Tidal Sports Roll-Up Snorkel

Made of rugged silicone, the Tidal Sports Roll-Up Snorkel rolls up tightly for easy travel or stowage in a BC pocket and pops open instantly when you need it.

Gear of The Year: The Best New Dive Gear & Equipment

If you’re in the market for something new, or if you just want to know what features and innovations in gear we thought really hit the mark, look no further—you’re in the right place. Here's the gear that rose to the top in 2023.

Best Snorkels of 2023

ScubaLab reviews 17 new dry, semi-dry and open-top snorkels.

SEAC Set Tris Motus

This set includes a dual-lens Seac One mask made of supple liquid silicone and a Jet snorkel streamlined for reduced drag in the water.

What to Pack for an Extreme Snorkel Trip

You need more than a mask and snorkel. Here’s what to bring, from exposure gear to camera equipment.

Oceanic Showcases OceanSport Jacket BCD and New Freediving Gear for 2022

Oceanic Showcases OceanSport Jacket BCD and new freediving gear for 2022.

Scuba Diving Snorkels Buyers Guide

Our 2021 Gear Buyers Guide will help you pick the right snorkel for your kit.

Why You Need a Snorkel

Snorkels save your tank air for bottom time and make waiting for boats or unexpected surface swims in choppy water easier. Here's all the reasons you need a snorkel.