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Scuba Diving Snorkels Buyers Guide

By Scuba Diving Partner | Authored On March 25, 2021
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Scuba Diving Snorkels Buyers Guide

It's not an accessory but an integral part of your dive kit. Our 2021 Gear Buyers Guide will help you pick the right snorkel for your style.


Gull Canal Stable Snorkel

One-touch clip allows for quick removal and attachment of snorkel and mask.

Jon Whittle

$50 |

The Canal’s streamlined tube reduces vibration and discomfort by stabilizing the snorkel against current. The bottom section is corrugated on the outside to improve mouthpiece flexibility, but the interior is smooth so water drains quickly. The top of the snorkel tube is fitted with a splash guard to prevent water entry.


Gull Super Bullet Snorkel

Large-bore snorkel tube enables high-volume airflow and smooth inhalation.

Jon Whittle

$70 |

This top-of-the-line snorkel has two exhaust valves for reliable clearing of water. After expulsion, any remaining water is diverted away from the mouth and channeled into the purge chamber. The rotating mouthpiece can be adjusted to find the most comfortable, natural angle. The one-touch snorkel keeper easily detaches from the mask strap.


Scubapro Spectra Snorkel

Regulator-style mouthpiece with large bite tabs for a comfortable fit during extended use.

Jon Whittle

$49 |

The Spectra is outfitted with a semidry top at its peak and a purge valve at the lowest point, for breathing comfort and ease of clearing. The large-bore tube helps move air quickly, while the lower half uses a flexible corrugated tube that allows the mouthpiece to hang out of the way; a quick disconnect clip makes it easy to attach. The Spectra is available in five colors.


Tusa HyperDry Elite II Snorkel

Combines the best features of Tusa’s snorkels into a single model.

Jon Whittle

$55 |

With a low-profile dry top, this snorkel keeps water out by closing quickly and efficiently when submerged or hit by waves. For any water that does accumulate in the mouthpiece, a high-flow, large-diameter valve at the bottom of the angled purge chamber can clear water in an instant. A two-part swivel adapter lets the snorkel rotate and can be used to quickly remove and attach the snorkel.



Seac Trius Motus Snorkel Set

Everything you need for freediving in one convenient set.

Jon Whittle

$169 (black), $199 (camo) |

This complete freediving set includes the full-foot Motus fin, with a technopolymer blade built for optimal responsiveness and a dual-density foot pocket that provides firm, comfortable stability to every kick. The set includes a dual-lens One mask made using a supple liquid silicone and a Jet snorkel with streamlined profile that reduces drag through the water. Available in four color-coordinated sets that include a travel bag with shoulder and carrying strap.