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Solomon Islands

Dive Hotspots: Grenada, Solomon Islands and Channel Islands

Get insider advice from locals, tips for timing seasonal experiences and the scoop on under-the-radar dives you won’t want to miss.

How Remote Cultures Define Connection and Why You Should Care

How stepping into a different world might teach you something about your own.

Seven Wrecks You Can Only Dive from a Liveaboard

A guide to diving remote shipwrecks you can only access during liveaboard trip, from the Solomon Islands to the Bahamas.

Six Great Dive Destinations for Underwater Photography

The best places to do underwater photography.

Diving the Solomon Islands: Where the Past is Always Present

In the Solomon Islands' Munda region, the reach of history is felt everywhere, from untouched wrecks below to proud villages above.

Five Remote Resorts Perfect for Adventurous Scuba Divers

Whether you are looking for an eco-retreat or a luxurious overwater bungalow, these five dive resorts are located in some of the most remote corners of the world.

Diving the Solomon Islands on the Bilikiki Liveaboard

Once a theater of war, the Solomon Islands offer world-class scuba diving in the South Pacific via the *Bilikiki* liveaboard.

7 Destinations for Non-Stop Wreck Diving

Looking for the best wreck diving destinations? These places allow you to dive plenty of wrecks in a short period of time.

A Liveaboard Journey through the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions shows you the best of the Florida and Russell Islands.