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Why Good Divers Are Better Conservationists

Save on continuing-education courses and more with your membership to PADI Club.
By PADI Staff | Updated On June 4, 2021
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Why Good Divers Are Better Conservationists

Diver with coral

A diver cleans debris from a coral colony at Cabo Pulmo National Park, Mexico.

Cclaudio Contreras

Even if you’re not doing a debris cleanup, citizen science or other conservation-focused dive, the health of marine life—and your own effect on it—should be top of mind any time you submerge. And one way to become a better steward of the environment on every dive is simply becoming a better diver.

Members of PADI Club get a 20 percent discount on 18 of PADI’s most popular continuing-education courses, such as Peak Performance Buoyancy, a must for divers who want to get the most out of their bottom time without accidentally stirring up sediment, disturbing animals or damaging fragile corals.

If you want to make sure you’re doing your part to keep our oceans clean even when you’re not diving, PADI Club members also save 20 percent on PADI Gear, much of which is made from recycled, sustainable materials. There’s also a wide assortment of plastic-free alternatives in the online store to help you avoid single- use plastics.

An annual membership to PADI Club costs $49.95 and includes a subscription to Scuba Diving magazine, free access to the PADI ReActivate refresher program and the DAN Prepared Diver course, PADI Travel discounts and a growing list of other benefits.