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Women's Dive Gear You'll Love

Wetsuits, watches, pants and more designed with female divers top-of-mind.
By Scuba Diving Editors | Published On July 16, 2021
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Women's Dive Gear You'll Love

Finding the right dive gear can be a challenge for anyone. With so many options and sizing charts now available, some may view the task of purchasing dive gear as overwhelming while others find the search exciting. But, for women specifically, there weren't always many choices when looking to add a piece of gear to their dive kit.

At one time, if women were unwilling to create gear that fit their body there was no option but to purchase men's dive gear. Thankfully, scuba manufacturers and the industry have come a long way to offer a variety of women-specific dive gear and women's sizing on essential pieces of scuba gear like BCD's and wetsuits. Below we highlight some of our editors' favorite women's dive gear as well as newer dive gear that incorporates features specifically tailored to women.

Garmin Descent Mk2S Dive Computer

Garmin Mk2S Smartwatch Dive Computer

When paired with a compatible smartphone, receive notifications for calls, texts and calendar alerts right on the wrist, Garmin Pay™ for contactless payments3 and music storage.

Courtesy Garmin

The all-new Garmin Descent Mk2S is not only Garmin's smallest, watch-style dive computer but the first geared towards women. The Mk2S features Garmin’s industry-leading women’s health features including menstrual cycle and pregnancy tracking. The Mk2S features a seven-day battery life and is available in three colors — light gold with a light sand silicone band, carbon gray DLC with black silicone band and mineral blue with seafoam silicone band.

Bare Evoke Wetsuit

Bare Evoke Wetsuit Full 7 mm teal

The Bare Evoke is available in 3 mm, 5mm or 7 mm.

Courtesy Bare

Designed by an all-female team for women divers, this wetsuit was inspired by yoga gear and activewear to feature a cut and pattern to flatter the female figure. The wetsuit features a Suit Saver — a booklet-style cover that helps prevent Velcro® snags to your wetsuit, swimwear, and dive gear.

Aqua Lung Pearl BCD

Aqua Lung Pearl BCD

The Pearl retails for approximately $499.00.

Courtesy Aqua Lung

The Pearl is a classic jacket-style BCD designed for female divers. The curved shoulder straps are designed to hug around curves, not cut across them. The shorter torso allows for a tighter fit and is designed to keep weight off the hips for a more comfortable fit.

SEAC Warm Guard Short

SEAC Warmguard short lady

Protect yourself from environmental abrasions, like rocks or jellyfish.

Courtesy SEAC

This 0.55 mm layer from SEAC is incredibly versatile: use it for swimming, snorkeling, UV protection topside or as an additional layer under a full suit. A long-sleeve version is also available in women's sizes. Both are cut in an hourglass shape without restricting mobility.

Scubapro Everflex Leggings and Top Set

Scubapro Womens Everflex Leggings

The Everflex leggings retail for approximately $170 and the thermal top for $175.

Courtesy Scubapro

Designed for women and ideal for warm water diving, snorkeling or a day at the pool, the Everflex leggings and thermal top are made with a high-stretch neoprene. The two-piece design allows divers to tweak exposure coverage day-to-day or even in between dives. The set comes in black or teal and can be purchased as separates. The 1.5 mm top and leggings are cute for curves and comfort.

Cressi Travelight BCD

Cressi travelight BCD

Travelight Lady

Courtesy Cressi

Not only is the Travelight BCD lightweight and compact for travel but it's perfect for women in search of a less-bulky option for regular use. The weight pockets contour to the female figure and the BC features a velcro, fold-out pocket option for storing accessories on a dive.

SlipIns Dive Skins


The full-body dive skin retails for approx. $160.

Jon Whittle

This woman-owned business is on a mission to provide sun protection while making it easier than ever to don a wetsuit or "slip in" to your favorite suit. The full-body skin suits provide 50+ UPF sun protection and do double duty by offering skin protection from abrasions and stinging critters. These suits can be worn on their own or under your favorite wetsuit. Check out the full line of spring suits, swimsuits and body suits here.

ScubaDoRag Headband

Oh Coco ScubaDoRag Headband

The CoCo Big Oh! headband ranges in price from $13 to $28.

Courtesy ScubaDoRag

Another woman-owned business, ScubaDoRag makes several products that bring color and excitement to divers underwater like their signature ScubaDoRag and tube socks. But for female divers used to having their hair pulled or ripped by silicone masks bands, there is another product solution — The Coco Big Oh! headband.

The headband specifically helps women with hair management underwater. The headband features a ponytail holder at the back of the band so you can easily pull your hair through the ponytail opening to reduce pesky hair pulls. For dicers with shorter hair, the headband can be worn to keep hair out of your mask for an optimal mask seal.

PADI Womens Dive Day Gear Collection

PADI Womens Dive Day Gear Collection

Clockwise from top left; PADI X LEUS Ocean Blue Camo Eco-friendly Towel, Mermaid Scales Recycled Plastic Face & Sun Mask + 2 Filters, Women's PADI Fish Heart Tee, Recycled Plastic Shark Diver Hat


The women's dive day collection from PADI Gear was designed by women divers for women divers. The collection features gear made from organic and sustainable materials as well as recycled plastic materials. There is a lot to choose from, whether you are looking for a new hat, eco-friendly towel, or tee to rep your love of PADI and female divers, you can find it here.