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10 Ways to Get More from Your Dive Gear

Scuba pros share their tips for making equipment easier to use.
By Scuba Diving Editors | Updated On March 18, 2021
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10 Ways to Get More from Your Dive Gear

Wet scuba gear sits on a dock

Get the most from your gear.

Scuba gear is our link to the underwater world, but there can be a learning curve when you start to use it. We asked seasoned divers from Caradonna Dive Adventures, Reef & Rainforest Dive & Adventure Travel, PADI pros and the editors of Sport Diver and Scuba Diving for their tips and tricks.

1. If you don’t own a regulator, buy a mouthpiece that’s comfortable for you, so you can switch it out with the rental one if it doesn’t suit you.

2. Use gel baby oil to wiggle into a thick wetsuit when doing multiple dives—saves your knuckles from becoming raw. Baby shampoo also works to help you don your wetsuit. Or use plastic bags to put it on— place your hand or foot in a plastic bag so that they can slide right through.

3. Going from altitude to sea level can create an issue for a camera housing and some dive lights if they are left sealed (you may not be able to open them by hand). Toss them in a cooler of ice or fridge for 15 minutes and they will open with ease.

4. Service your gear before your trip. Don’t wait to check it at the dive destination and risk missing out on vacation dives.

5. Zip ties can fix almost anything, so pack plenty of extras.

6. Get your BC wet before setting up on your tank. You’ll get a more secure attachment.

7. Coat your dive knife with a layer of car wax or silicone lubricant to prevent rust.

8. Replace your buckle-style fin straps with quick-donning-and-doffing spring straps. You’ll appreciate them when getting back on the boat in rough seas.

9. Struggling with your mask strap entangling your hair? Replace it with a neoprene strap.

10. Make sure your exposure protection is adequate. Bring extras like a vest and hood to layer on in case the water is colder than you expect.