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Introducing the Praesidus A-5 UDT World War II-Inspired Dive Watch

Praesidus Watch Company, a manufacturer specializing in vintage military timepieces, announced their first-ever dive watch, the A-5 UDT. This watch was inspired by some of the earliest fully-submersible watches, those developed for Underwater Demolition Teams during World War II.

My Scuba Label ID by Active Trends

Personalized waterproof stickers designed for scuba diving and boating.

Apeks Announces New DSX Technical Dive Computer

Apeks has announced a new technical dive computer that is fully compatible with trimix, sidemount and CCR diving.

Think Beyond Pink

Shrinking men’s gear doesn’t turn it into women’s gear. Women have proportionally smaller torsos, longer legs, broader hips, narrower shoulders and lower metabolic rates. When such differences are ignored in gear design, it impacts our dive comfort and safety. See what manufacturers are doing to bridge this gap.

A Quick Look at Exotech's Folding Fins

Robby Myers checks out Folding Fins at DEMA Show 2022. Learn more about these stylish new fins, perfect for your next dive trip.

Scuba Diving 2023 Readers Choice Survey Sweepstakes

The official rules of the Scuba Diving 2023 Readers Choice Survey Sweepstakes

Folding Fins for Traveling Divers Hit Kickstarter

The nature-inspired design delivers fins that are easier for traveling divers to pack, and is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Take a Sneak Peak at 2022 Dive Gear

Here's the new equipment divers have to look forward to in 2022.

OTS Announces New Wireless Acoustic Receivers for Underwater Communications

OTS has released three new wireless acoustic receivers featuring next-level performance.