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14 Customized Scuba Fins to Inspire Your Next At-Home Art Project

By Alexandra Gillespie | Updated On September 20, 2021
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14 Customized Scuba Fins to Inspire Your Next At-Home Art Project

Decorating your scuba diving fins is a great way to pass the time at home — and one that lets you show off your personality on your next dive!

Personalizing your dive fins also has real utility: it means they’ll never get mixed up with another diver’s gear on the boat, and can make it easier for your buddy to keep an eye on you underwater.

Make sure whatever material you use won’t rinse or rub off in the water. Not only do you want your DIY design to stay, you don’t want to have toxic chemicals seeping or flaking into the water. In general, paint markers, permanent markers and some acrylic pants can handle the motion of the ocean.

Here are 14 decked out fins to inspire your inner artist!

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1. Tail in the water, head in the stars.

2. Whale sharks and mantas - it's a wonderful day!

3. Too many creatures to count.

4. A touch of glam.

5. Always keep an eye on your buddy.

6. Under-the-sea camouflage.

7. Friendly faces in the flowers.

8. Peace, love, and sharpie sketches. (Could you need more?)

9. Detail-driven.

10. Floral mania.

11. Let's go to the movies!

12. Fish fiesta.

13. Every dive's a shark dive!

14. Luxe vibes.