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2013 ScubaLab Regulators: Testers' Choice - Atomic Aquatics T3

Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator

• Made in: USA
• Weight: 1.7 pounds
• First Stage: Balanced piston
• Ports: 2HP, 5LP; with LP port turret
• Second Stage: Pneumatically balanced, with swivel
• User Adjustments: Breathing-resistance knob
• Warranty: Lifetime
•MSRP: $1,699
• Info: www.atomicaquatics.com

**Lightweight, attractive, machined from exotic metals and packed full of groundbreaking features and functions, Atomic’s “T” series regs are what diving dreams are made of. This year, a new high-performance, high-dollar T-reg has been released: the T3. Precision machined from solid titanium billet, with redesigned component parts to shave off even more weight, the T3 is the lightest, sleekest full-size reg around. Performance wise, it’s hard to beat. It turned in top scores on the breathing machine, sliding effortlessly through the standard test range and beyond. When the test reg was turned over to divers for the ocean work, there was a near riot to see who would take it down first. no one surfaced disappointed. From ease of breathing to dryness to bubble interference to the effectiveness of the user control, the T3 delivered the goods with style.

Made for divers who want the best, virtually every tester put the T3 at the top of their Favorites list, making it the undisputed Testers’ Choice in this year’s Over $500 category.