4 Reasons Why Liveaboard Diving Is More Popular Than Ever | Scuba Diving

In the last ten years the diving world has blossomed, in a way even its ambitious pioneer Jacques Cousteau might not have predicted. The underwater world has tempted legions of visitors, keen for exciting marine encounters. This has led the divers to seek more unique diving spots, through the adventure and comfort of liveaboards. Here are the four reasons for the popularity of these liveaboard diving boat trips:

1. More Diving: Dive, Eat, Sleep, & Repeat!

The logistics are all taken care of on these on-board stays, which means getting from the breakfast table to the water is only a matter of stepping out onto the dive deck. The decks often fill tanks where you leave them and many have their own camera station. This saves you time searching for somewhere to clean and charge your equipment. Everything on board is catered around diving: meals and snacks are served around dives. Divers who love comfort don’t need to worry either. Some Maldives liveaboards even have cabins with baths and on-board spas for massages.

Travel between sites is mostly done during the night while everyone on-board is resting up. This saves precious time, that can be better spent underwater. This also means most liveaboards can comfortably offer three or four dives per day. In certain areas, they might even squeeze in a night dive. You could go to Komodo on a day trip, but you won’t be able to spend as much time in the water as on a Komodo liveaboard. Which brings us to the next reason why liveaboards are popular.

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Indonesia, Komdo: ‘Sunbathing on the beautiful sundeck’

photo by Tiare Liveaboard

2. Boldly Go Where No Daytrip Has Gone

With the travel time to dive sites out of the window, liveaboards can take divers to hard to reach spots day-trips can’t get to. Many of the most remote dive spots in the world like Cocos Island and Cenderawasih Bay are in fact only reachable by diving liveaboard. These ‘frontier’ destinations offer diving experiences not found in your average resort. Shoaling hammerheads and being surrounded by whale sharks just don’t happen every day. Liveaboards take divers out to experience the places that are still untouched and wild. Liveaboard divers come home with diving tales from places only a handful of divers ever get to visit.

Travelling to nearby sites doesn’t feel like travel at all either. After all, you are already back at your ‘hotel’. Just head over to your room for a nap and a shower. Diving liveaboards are usually on the more luxurious end of boat travel, which means hotel comfort with diving at the doorstep. Like hotels, diving liveaboards do vary in price and style with many costing the same as a similar hotel room. Divers can choose anything from a simple backpacker trip to some seriously luxurious boats with on-board Jacuzzis, massage therapists and cinemas. Whatever your budget is, chances are you will get a better deal on your accommodation and diving on a liveaboard.


Blue Hole, Belize: ‘Up close and personal with a whale shark’

photo by Ray Auxillou

3. Liveaboards Are a Great Place to Meet Likeminded People

Like all other specialist holidays, diving liveaboards are also a great place to meet people with similar interests: a passion for diving. Whether you go with your own club or with a new group of dive buddies, you’re sure to have plenty to chat about. Even within the diving community there is a range of different specialist interests. One of the most popular is underwater photography. Liveaboards often offer divers the chance to photograph stunning wildlife, rarely glimpsed elsewhere. Normally, this is a niche activity other hotel guests might not share. On a liveaboard there is no need to slip back to your room to look through your photos. Instead, you could start a fascinating discussion with your buddy about the best way to get that perfect macro shot.

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You might even share notes and pick up some tips with fellow photography enthusiasts at the camera station. In fact, many liveaboards arrange an after-dinner sit-down to enjoy other’s photos and a lending library with books of marine life to browse with your new dive buddies. With all the different creatures and critters on offer, you might even need an underwater encyclopedia. Above all, there is nothing quite like sharing a coffee on deck, early morning, with people as excited about what is to come as you are.


Thailand: ‘Group of divers diving underwater’

photo by Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard

4. Liveaboards Raise Environmental Awareness and Contribute to the Preservation of Local Marine Wildlife

Discussions about diving are never complete without considering the conservation of the marine life you have travelled so far to see. The protection of the marine environment is at the forefront of most serious divers minds’. After all most divers are looking forward to many more years of amazing underwater experiences. Liveaboard operators dedicate their time to encouraging those on-board to conserve and protect the local environment, it is their livelihood after all. Briefings on special rules for the protection of the local wildlife will usually make up a significant part of any dive planning. Many employ special methods to avoid anchoring or sailing into the most vulnerable areas. The marine park fees which liveaboards and their customers pay support the local environment and ensure the future of the beautiful marine life you visit. These fees and donations help local people to reduce fishing and keep their waters bursting with life for years to come.

The marine park fees which liveaboards and their customers pay support the local environment and ensure the future of the beautiful marine life you visit. These fees and donations help local people to reduce fishing and keep their waters bursting with life for years to come.


Maldives: ‘Emperor Virgo Liveaboard’

photo by Emperor

Diving liveaboards offer the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and often endangered places in the underwater world. This is something unique, a real frontier adventure while staying in pure comfort and luxury. Liveaboards offer a unique diving experience with the chance to meet new and interesting people and enjoy marine life.

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