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Five Best Places to Dive in Bali

By Jeremy Foster | Updated On June 18, 2020
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Five Best Places to Dive in Bali

With crystal clear waters, vibrant coral reefs and colorful marine life, it's easy to see why Bali, Indonesia is considered one of the top diving destinations on the planet.

Whether it's is your first or your 100th-time scuba diving, Bali has some of the most exquisite diving in the world. Explore the skeleton of a sunken ship, drift along the powerful currents, or scale the sides of the coral-encrusted ocean walls at one of these five places to dive in Bali.

1. Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island, Bali,

Dive boats wait at the dock on Menjangan Island, Bali, before taking scuba divers out on the magnificent reefs. Lowe Photography

Menjangan Island is known around the world as one of the most amazing wall dive sites in Bali. This 98-foot vertical wall is covered in hard and soft corals and teeming with colorful marine life. With gentle waves and clear water visibility, Menjangan Island is also a great dive site for beginners.

Although it's unlikely to see large creatures, there's still an abundance of small fish like groupers, batfish, angelfish and parrotfish. You can find them tucked inside the wall's nooks and crannies, or nestled in the polyps of the sea anemones.

2. Nusa Lembongan

Nudibranch in Bali, Indonesia

Beautiful underwater nudibranch in Bali, Indonesia.

Located 10 miles off the coast is Nusa Lembongan, a tiny island considered to be some of the best scuba diving in Bali. Mangrove point is ideal for open water drift dives, while the strong currents of Blue Corner offer experienced divers the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

With visibility up to 130-feet, you'll be able to spot clownfish, striped nudibranchs, and if you're lucky, the incredibly rare mola mola.

3. Tulamben

USAT Liberty Shipwreck in Bali, Indonesia

The USAT Liberty cargo hold. The Liberty wreck is shallow enough that snorkelers and freedivers can also enjoy this site. Shabtai

Scuba divers of all skill levels will find something fascinating to explore in Tulamben. One of the most popular dive sites here is the USAT Liberty wreck, a cargo ship that was pushed to the bottom of the ocean during a volcanic eruption in 1963.

Laying just 30-feet below the surface, it's considered to be the easiest wreck dive in the world. More experienced swimmers can venture down to the bow, which is covered in soft corals and crawling with nudibranchs, frogfish, and even pygmy seahorses.

4. Nusa Penida

Mola Mola Bali

A sunfish or mola mola in deep water off Nusa Penida. Vackova

No Bali dive trip would be complete without a visit to Nusa Penida. With some of the longest drift dives in Bali, the currents can be unpredictable and challenging, even for experienced divers. However, it's one of the few places where you'll get to dive with some of the ocean's largest creatures, including mola molas, turtles, silvertip sharks, and manta rays.

If you want to get up close and personal with dozens of majestic manta rays, then head to Manta Point on the southwestern side of the island. Or, go diving at Crystal Bay, where you'll be able to spot mola molas floating near the underwater bat caves.

5. Padang Bai

Catshark in Bali, Indonesia

Juvenile coral catshark spotted on a night dive in Bali, Indonesia.

From shark caves to muck diving, Padang Bai has several breathtaking sites to choose from. Experience the shallow, colorful reefs at the Blue Lagoon, or hunt for tiny catsharks swimming through the galley of the sunken Tanjung Jepun shipwreck.

Ideal for all types of divers, the diversity of underwater options around Padang Bai makes it one of the best dive destinations in Bali.

As you can see, Bali is a scuba diver's paradise. Whether you're diving through sunken ships or swimming alongside giant rays, you'll have an amazing time scuba diving in one of the world's most spectacular destinations.

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