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Pelagian Dive Yacht

Explore remote and pristine dive sites in comfort and style aboard *Pelagian*. A luxurious dive yacht operated by Wakatobi Dive Resort in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

New Turtle Beach Bungalow Experience

New Wakatobi Ocean View Turtle Beach Bungalow & Unlimited Diving

Dive Damai

Traditional Indonesian phinisi schooners, the luxury Damai I and Damai II provide guests an unforgettable experience with Dive Damai’s signature service. Guests are treated to five-star attention (18 crew to 12 guests), including two tenders that whisk you to the best sites (four divers per guide), à la carte dining that caters to all dietary requirements, and massage treatments.

Meet the Man Who Dives the Great Wall of China

Steven Schwankert has dove the submerged Ming-era section of the wall 40 times, part of his decades-long love affair with submerged Chinese history.

Dugongs Declared Functionally Extinct in China

A survey of more than 60 fishing communities found no confirmed sightings of the mammal, which has lived in Chinese waters for hundreds of years.

The Arenui

This one-of-a-kind floating gallery boutique hotel travels to Indonesia’s most exquisitely biodiverse hidden corners.

WAKATOBI! Unparalleled Diving, World-Class Service & Amenities

Two guests. 7-Ns Ocean Bungalow; diving magnificent, protected reefs; unlimited diving on house reef; gourmet meals; world-class service

“When you go to other dive destinations, you realize how lucky you were to have visited Wakatobi.” ~Richard Holstein, JUL 2022

Meet the Divers Bringing Artificial Intelligence Underwater to Power Reef Restoration

A reef’s shape and sound are taking center stage in new research on coral restoration strategies.

Good News! Wakatobi Dive Resort and Pelagian to Reopen June 3

This secluded island hideaway in Southeast Sulawesi, as well as its luxury liveaboard dive yacht, is now welcoming guests