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Amazing Footage of Freediver Swimming with Killer Whales

While filming a documentary in Arctic Norway, a photographer, world-champion kitesurfer and freediver had the experience of a lifetime — with wild killer whales. This could be one of the most amazing videos we've ever seen. As if the Norwegian scenery and Northern Lights weren't enough to keep you watching, freediver Andreas B. Heide can be seen interacting with orcas underwater while zooming around on a DPV. The video includes scenes of orcas playfully interacting with a paddleboarder, underwater shots of humpback whales and schools of herring. You just have to see this one for yourself.

Photographer and filmmaker David Gonzalez Buendia accompanied Kari Schibevaag and Heide as they sailed the Arctic on a weeklong journey hoping to film orcas interacting with humans for an upcoming documentary. Buendia says he has been filming the whales around Tromsø, Norway, for many seasons now but has never seen anything like this. With the help of his drone, Buendia was able to capture a unique perspective of orcas and humpbacks from above. This is an experience that most divers can only dream of.

Here's more info from Buenida himself:

“I’m always looking for something new. I’m a scuba diver and have been filming whales around Tromsø for several seasons, but never like this. I have also been one of the first photographers to film the Northern Lights in real time but this takes it one step further. When I first met Andreas and Kari, I immediately saw the potential of Barba trip as an opportunity for something new and very special. It was a huge challenge to film orcas underwater while Andreas was free-diving and Kari was on the SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). I also filmed from a bird's eye view with the help of a drone while they both were in the water so it was a big technical challenge, but the mind-blowing results have been more than worth it. I then asked Kari to be filmed, for the very first time, kiting under the northern lights. And she said yes! No matter how cold, windy or tough it was, or how crazy was the plan, everyone was very enthusiastic and keen to go out and get things done. Together we made it possible. I filmed the Arctic nature and these ‘Modern Vikings’ from a very different perspective”.

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