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Apeks VX1 Mask: ScubaLab Testers Choice

By Robby Myers | Updated On March 9, 2020
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Apeks VX1 Mask: ScubaLab Testers Choice

I’m Robby Myers with ScubaLab, we tested the Apeks VX1 mask. Lightweight with a comfortable, dry seal, it was our Testers Choice for single-lens masks. We tested it in the field at Alexander Springs Recreation Area in Central Florida. We evaluated it for the ease and security of making strap adjustments and the overall comfort of the mask in the water. We also rated it for its field of view, how effectively its seal kept our faces dry, and how easy it was to clear and equalize. The VX1 was popular among testers for a number of reasons.

This frameless mask is constructed out of lightweight silicone that provides an effective seal without binding too tightly—although some wished the nose pocket were a little deeper. “Totally dry in all positions,” observed one tester. “Pleasant to wear. Hardly noticed it at all,” said another. The mask’s small volume narrows the field of view slightly but also lends itself to very easy clearing and equalization. The mask scored very good in every category, except for ease of adjustment, where its secure, easy-to-use quick-releases and smooth stainless-steel rollers convinced test divers to bump it up to excellent. It was chosen as a favorite among test divers for its solid performance and dive-all day comfort. The Apeks VX1 is our Testers Choice for single-lens masks.

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