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Apeks XL4 Regulator: ScubaLab Testers Choice

Why the Apeks XL4 scuba regulator impressed our team of scuba divers

The Apeks XL4 was a ScubaLab Testers Choice during the 2108 regulator test. See what testers liked about this reg in this video review. See the full ScubaLab regulator review here.

We tested the Apeks XL4 scuba regulator. With impressive breathing performance and a lightweight, comfortable second stage, it was our Testers Choice.

We measured regulators’ ability to deliver air at a range of depths and breathing rates on the breathing simulator at Dive Lab in Panama City Beach, Fla.

We also tested them Alexander Springs in Central Florida with a team of test divers who scored them it in 14 categories including ease of breathing, dry operation and comfort.

With its tiny second stage the XL4 may not look like a muscle reg, but looks can be deceiving. First it took excellent scores in the simulator, posting the lowest work-of-breathing numbers across all our standard depths and breathing rates.

Pushed down to more than 270 feet in the simulator, its breathing effort was still rated excellent.

In the water, divers recorded the same smooth, easy breathing we saw on the simulator. “Perfect,” said one test diver.

More surprising was such performance given that the XL4 has no breathing adjustment; But as a test diver noted, “doesn’t have one, doesn’t need one.”

It also took top scores for dryness in both normal and head-down positions. Although rated very good for ease of clearing, some divers felt the purge was a bit stiff and abrupt, and it was the only reg in the test with a single HP port.

But divers overwhelmingly chose it as their favorite thanks to its heavy-hitting performance and lightweight comfort. The Apex XL4 is our Testers Choice.