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The Arenui

This one-of-a-kind floating gallery boutique hotel travels to Indonesia’s most exquisitely biodiverse hidden corners.

By Scuba Diving Partner | Authored On August 3, 2022
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The Arenui

Take one look inside, and it’s clear that the Arenui is a passion project devoted as much to Indonesia’s vibrant arts and culture as it is to its biodiverse underwater wonders. This isn’t just a liveaboard: It’s a floating boutique hotel where the boat itself is art, built from reclaimed wood to create a sense of warmth and character throughout the interior.

Each stateroom is a gallery showcasing sculptures, weavings, paintings and other handmade items from one of the country’s 17,000 islands. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that adds so much to a dive trip, making it no surprise that readers voted it the top winner and Best Overall liveaboard in the Pacific and Indian region. It also won first place for best Quality of Liveaboard, Level of Luxury, Quality of the Berths, Quality of Staff, Attention to Safety and Quality of the Food — totaling eight first-place wins in the Readers Choice awards.

A large boat deck with tables and chairs

The Arenui is part dive liveaboard, part floating boutique hotel and part work of art.

Courtesy The Arenui

What’s more, the team behind the 121-foot Arenui took the past year out of the water as an opportunity not just to do a general refresh and repair but to rebuild more than 80 precent of the boat.

In other words, it’s almost entirely new. A new electrical system, along with an automatic fire-extinguishing system, was added to maximize efficiency and safety. Stabilizers on the hull were added to reduce rolling as much as possible; plus, the creaking of this wooden boat is much quieter. The cabins were also rebuilt. The tenders? Brand new. The menu was also rethought, adding in more locally sourced ingredients, from produce to fresh island honey.

A room with a bed and a table

Each stateroom is a gallery showcasing sculptures, weavings, paintings and other handmade items from one of the country’s 17,000 islands.

Courtesy The Arenui

What hasn’t changed is the same high level of service: 23 crewmembers look after 16 guests, and five dive guides ensure that in-water group size is never more than three or four guests, so there’s ample opportunity to watch the pelagics and exotic critters you’ve traveled so far to see.

As for the destinations: the Arenui regularly cruises to five major areas of Indonesia: Komodo, Raja Ampat, Alor and Flores, the Forgotten Islands, and Maluku and the Spice Islands. These regions are known for an abundance of thriving corals, endemic species and tons of critters.

Komodo might be the most underrated Indonesian destination. It’s where two oceans meet, creating a dynamic setting for anything from giant mantas to nudibranchs and pygmy seahorses.

Raja Ampat is heralded as the most biodiverse place on the planet for the number of fish and coral species. Alor is one of the best and most beautiful destinations in the world for critter diving as the muck sites don’t have garbage — just black sand. Choose The Forgotten Islands for their unparalleled pristine reefs, or the Spice Islands for their abundance of critters and endemic species.

Coming in 2025, the boat will offer brand-new sailings and exploratory cruises to Triton Bay, Halmahera, Indonesian Borneo and South Sulawesi.

Triton Bay is a sort of Raja Ampat on steroids, with a high density of critters and corals plus a more natural whale shark encounter. Indonesian Borneo brings together big animals and critter diving, along with a jellyfish lake.

With so many offerings, the Arenui is delivering a calendar so varied in destinations that it’s as rich as the life on the reefs it visits.

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2023 Readers Choice Awards®

The Arenui won Readers Choice awards in all nine categories for the Pacific/Indian region, including first place in Quality of the Liveaboard, Level of Luxury, Quality of the Berths and more.

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