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Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas is an author and journalist known for his thriller novels with scuba diving, environment and ocean themes. He has been a dive instructor and a diver medic and worked for PADI, DAN and has written training articles for Scuba Diving since 2008.
He is also documentarian writing stories about Moskito Indians who scuba dive for lobster and photographing Russia after the Soviet Union broke up.

Lessons For Life: Sinking Like A Stone

An experienced lobster diver ignores the basics and pays the price.

8 Tips for Better Underwater Navigation

You surface and the boat is nowhere in sight — using these tips to pair natural navigation with basic compass skills will get you where you need to go.

Scuba Diver With Leg Cramp Gets Swept Away From Their Buddy

A scuba diver gets a leg cramp and is then swept away by the current while their buddy is focused on taking photos.

Two Divers Attempt To Set Personal Depth Record When Nitrogen Narcosis Strikes

Nitrogen narcosis is no laughing matter for two divers trying to set a personal depth record. Get our lessons for life.

Three Divers Enter a Cave But Only Two Make It Out

Three buddies push their training and venture deep into a cave; only two make it out. Get our lessons for life.

Lessons for Life: Diver Runs Out of Air at Safety Stop

A new diver runs out of air at the safety stop and forgets her training. Learn from this panicked diver.

An Inexperienced Diver Gets in Too Deep

In this Lessons for Life, an inexperienced diver is forced to make an emergency ascent runs out of air—and luck.

"The 3rd Key: Sharks in the Water" Book Preview

In Eric Douglas' latest novel, photojournalist Mike Scott visits the Florida Keys, exploring ancient history, modern intrigue, treasure hunters and mysterious religious orders.

Lessons For Life: Asthmatic Diver

An asthmatic diver pays the price for not recognizing his limitations.