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Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas is an author and journalist known for his thriller novels with scuba diving, environment and ocean themes. He has been a dive instructor and a diver medic and worked for PADI, DAN and has written training articles for Scuba Diving since 2008.
He is also documentarian writing stories about Moskito Indians who scuba dive for lobster and photographing Russia after the Soviet Union broke up.

Point of No Return

A scuba diving instructor makes a series of mistakes that ultimately cost him his life, in the latest installment of Lessons for Life.

Dammed If You Do

This scuba diving accident analysis reviews what happens when divers ignore safety warnings and venture close to water intake pipes.

In Full Flow

This scuba diving accident analysis discusses what happens when you have a free-flowing regulator at depth.

The Final Step: Heart Health and Scuba Diving

An aging diver has an emergency after a long day in the water in this Lessons for Life scuba diving accident analysis.

Going It Alone

This scuba diving accident report analysis discusses the potential dangers of solo cave diving.

Watch Your Back

This Lessons for Life scuba diving accident analysis reveals how leaving a dive boat unattended has disastrous consequences for four scuba divers.

Adrenalin Overdose

Two distracted scuba divers learn an important safety lesson in this edition of Lessons for Life.

Solo Freedive Leads to Disaster

Freediving safety lessons from a diver who neglected basic rules of freediving and was put in a tragic situation.

Task Loading Takes an Underwater Photographer to the Brink of Danger

Scuba diving safety tips for underwater photographers to avoid task loading and running out of air.