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Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas is an author and journalist known for his thriller novels with scuba diving, environment and ocean themes. He has been a dive instructor and a diver medic and worked for PADI, DAN and has written training articles for Scuba Diving since 2008.
He is also documentarian writing stories about Moskito Indians who scuba dive for lobster and photographing Russia after the Soviet Union broke up.

Trouble at 100 Feet | Lessons for Life

A cardiac event at depth highlights the importance of training for diving physically, not just mentally.

Check Mate? | Lessons for Life

Complacency leads a diver to start a dive with only reserve gas. It does not take long for the dive to spin out of control.

Untrained and Unprepared | Lessons for Life

Lying about plans and experience to get into a cave costs two divers their lives.

Cruising for Disaster | Lessons for Life

Descending despite discomfort becomes the ultimate disaster for one inexperienced diver.

All Kelp, No Help | Lessons for Life

A rusty diver gets entangled in kelp when task overload separates leads to buddy separation.

Divided Focus | Lessons for Life

Tragedy strikes when a diver forgets to watch his air levels while helping his buddy capture underwater photos.

Maximum Overload | Lessons for Life

A liveaboard diver maxes out his bottom time for days in a row, landing him in the hospital with decompression sickness. His dive buddy experiences no symptoms, showing why it’s best to dive conservatively — you never know how your body will react.

A Rash of Problems | Lessons for Life

A diver ignores a DCS symptoms, including a rash—an increasingly common sign of being bent.

A Curious Case | Lessons for Life

An experienced diver with signs of DCS doesn’t immediately respond to treatment—what’s going on here?