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Robby Myers

Robby Myers has been diving since 2014, when he was certified through Indiana University’s Center of Under Water Science. He moved to Florida to pursue a career in diving where he worked part-time at an aquarium before joining the staff of Scuba Diving magazine. Robby oversees ScubaLab, the gear testing arm of Scuba Diving. Even outside of ScubaLab’s head-to-head gear testing, his dive kit usually incorporates one or more pieces of the latest gear. Some of his favorite destinations include Galapagos and French Polynesia, but you’ll often find him testing dive equipment in Central Florida’s freshwater springs.

Fish Move To Cooler Water As Ocean Temperatures Rise

Tropical fish make lousy neighbors as they seek cooler waters and disrupt temperate ecosystems.

History of Bonaire's Hilma Hooker Shipwreck

Learn more about how the *Hilma Hooker* went from a drug-smuggling ship to a beloved scuba diving site in Bonaire.

Scuba Diving the Danny and Andrea's Reef in West Palm Beach, Florida

In this video, scuba divers search for a mermaid near the *Danny* — a purpose-sunk wreck in Palm Beach, Florida.

History Of Grand Cayman's Kittiwake Shipwreck

Learn how the *Kittiwake* went from a WWII submarine rescue ship to a world-renowned scuba diving destination in Grand Cayman.

Scuba Diving With the SeaLife DC2000 in Central Florida

ScubaLab spent the day in one of Central Florida's freshwater springs scuba diving and trying out the DC2000, the latest underwater camera from SeaLife.

Scuba Diving With the New SeaLife DC 2000 Underwater Camera

We got our hands on SeaLife's newest digital underwater camera, the DC 2000, and took it scuba diving at a local aquarium to see what it could do.

Shipwreck Graveyard Discovered At the Bottom of the Black Sea

Researchers discovered a ghostly fleet of over 40 shipwrecks at the bottom of the Black Sea dating back through 1000 years of human history.

What It's Like to Scuba Dive in an Aquarium

Want to scuba dive in an aquarium? Find out what it's like from a show diver at SEA LIFE Orlando.

The University of Miami is Introducing High School Students to Shark Research

The University of Miami is taking a hands-on approach to marine conservation through shark research.