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Travis Marshall

Travis Marshall is an Asheville, North Carolina-based writer and diver covering scuba diving training and travel.

Tips for Scuba Diving in Low-Visibility or Silt-Out Situations

One minute the water is crystal clear, but with the kick of a fin everything is covered by silt. Do you know how to survive in a low-visibility situation?

5 Tips to Find Camouflaged Fish, Octopuses and Other Marine Creatures

Some of the most interesting marine animals are masters of disguise, but with these tips you can be sure to find concealed sea life on your next dive.

How To Deal with a Panicking Scuba Diver Underwater (and on the Surface)

Since panic contributes to 20 percent of diver deaths, it is important to recognize the signs in others — it may save a life. Here are tips for your next dive.

3-D Modeling Used To Study and Measure Shipwrecks and Ancient Artifacts

Researchers are using 3-D imaging to study shipwrecks, and divers can create 3-D models as well using a regular camera or GoPro — here's how!

The Best Places to Swim with Sperm Whales

Want to swim with whales? Here are the best places to get in the water with sperm whales, the largest toothed predators in the world.

Five Tips: How To Spot Hidden Marine Life During Your Dive

How do you find small or camouflaged animals during a dive? Here are five expert tips to help you see these hidden wonders.

Advanced Diving: The Wreck of the Red Sea's Thistlegorm

Discovering the secrets of the cargo holds in one of the Red Sea’s greatest shipwrecks, the SS Thistlegorm.

How to Prepare for your First Night Dive

Planning to go scuba diving at night, but not sure if you're ready? Here are five tips from our expert diver to keep your first night dive safe and fun.

Where to Scuba Dive with Killer Whales

Forget SeaWorld, scuba diving with Killer whales — aka orca whales — is the best encounter you can have. Find out where to dive with these massive toothed predators.