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Travis Marshall

Travis Marshall is an Asheville, North Carolina-based writer and diver covering scuba diving training and travel.

5 Tips For Scuba Diving Day-Boat Etiquette

The quality of your shipmates can make or break a day of diving. Follow these five tips for day-boat etiquette to ensure you’re always welcome back on board.

Responsibly Scuba Diving With Whale Sharks

Scuba diving with whale sharks is a bucket-list item for many divers, and in some places irresponsible whale shark watching is on the rise.

Scuba Diving Among Mangroves

Mangroves are a biological oddity that links land and sea.

Five Tips for Making a Negative Entry

If you need to hit the water and get down fast, these five tips can help you make a smooth negative entry while scuba diving.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Dive Computer

Maximize your bottom time and your safety with these tips for making the most of your dive computer.

Scuba Diving with Harbor Seals

Nothing is more fun than diving with a group of playful pinnipeds.

5 Tips for the Best Safety Stop

Without the right techniques, a safety stop while scuba diving may seem challenging. Here's five tips for making safety stops look easy.

5 Tips For Surface Signaling

All scuba divers should have and know how to use surface signaling devices. Here are 5 tips for how to be seen and heard when you get separated from the boat.

Where to Dive the Best Seamounts in the World

Where to find bucket-list worthy seamount diving.