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Travis Marshall

Travis Marshall is an Asheville, North Carolina-based writer and diver covering scuba diving training and travel.

Scuba Diving with Lemon Sharks

The best year-round spot to see lemon sharks is Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, but these docile sharks can be found around the world.

Scuba Diving With Humboldt Squid

Would you dare to go scuba diving with a real-life Kraken? Meet the Humboldt squid, an underwater encounter like no other.

Diving the World's Most Epic Feeding Frenzy - South Africa's Sardine Run

Sharks, dolphins, sailfish and other big animals are all found in one each year at the Sardine Run. See why divers love to go to South Africa!

Top 5 Ways to Master Buoyancy Control for Scuba Divers

Having trouble being too heavy or too light during your dives? These tips will help you get your buoyancy right each and every time.

Scuba Diving Cenotes In Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

Cenotes are enchanting and intricate. These subterranean sinkholes offer scuba divers an otherworldly experience.

The Real-Life Superheroes of Scuba Diving

Meet the Heroes of Diving: 5 scuba divers who have dedicated their lives to a life of service to their fellow man and the underwater world that they love.

Photographing Crocodiles in Mexico

Underwater photographers and scuba divers flock to Mexico's Banco Chinchorro to meet American crocodiles. Are you ready?

Tips for Photographing Sharks and Big Animals Underwater

Taking underwater photos can be tricky, but these five tips can help you improve your images and capture the photos of a lifetime.

Scuba Diving with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Bull sharks may be associated with shark attacks, but they have a bad reputation. In reality, scuba diving with bull sharks can be amazing — especially in Mexico.