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Best Shark Night Dives

By Eric Michael | Updated On November 4, 2016
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Best Shark Night Dives

Night diving with sharks? Why yes, it’s one of our favorite pastimes. If you’re in search of your next thrill, checkout our top picks for diving with sharks at night.

Cocos Island

shark diving in Cocos

Nightime is the right time for whitetip hunting and feeding frenzies in Cocos.

Scott Johnson

Sharks are notorious ­nocturnal hunters, but few places are safer — or more exciting — to witness their undercover antics than Manuelita Shallows, a coral garden at world-­renowned Cocos Island National Park. Located about 340 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this isolated island, sometimes called “Little Galapagos,” is a magnet for marine life, thanks in part to a rich convergence of oceanic currents and its designation as a marine protected area with no fishing since 1982. Each night large numbers of whitetip sharks congregate to hunt like a pack of wild dogs in ­hard-coral mazes. The sight, when viewed from a yard or two above the action in the ­water column, is a rare and thrilling experience.

Rhode Island

shark diving in rhode island

Bluewater shark in Rhode Island.


The Ocean State’s bluewater shark dives are becoming well-known for close encounters with blue and mako sharks.

shark diving in florida

Jupiter, Florida night dive with sharks.


Every winter thousands of lemon sharks aggregate off South Florida to mingle and mate, a boon for divers with the guts to drop in.

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