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The Hottest Scuba Diving Gear and News from the 2017 DEMA Show

Much of the dive world has flocked to Orlando, Florida, Nov. 1-4 for the 2017 Diving Equipment & Manufacturing Association (DEMA) Show. This is where all of the equipment manufacturers come to roll out their hot new dive gear, dive destinations present their best travel offerings, and dive training associations make big announcements.

DEMA scuba diving trade show

The DEMA Show floor in Orlando, Florida

Becca Hurley

Scuba Diving magazine will be your eyes and ears on the show floor all week, bringing you the coolest gear we spot and most pertinent news and info from the attendees. Stay tuned for live updates, and keep a watch on our Facebook page for exclusive coverage from the event.

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Day 1

OpenROV - Trident Underwater Drone

We checked in with the OpenROV booth to here about their Trident Underwater Drone. This drone can dive down to 100 meters (300 feet) and capture crystal-clear photos and video. The OpenROV team recently went diving with the great white sharks off Guadalupe, Mexico and got some awesome footage — and bite marks on their drone! Check out this conversation to see the drone and get more info.

GoPro HERO6 and Olympus Tough TG-5

Robin Dodd of Backscatter gave us an expert rundown of the new features on the GoPro HERO 6 and Olympus Tough TG-5 underwater cameras. Both of these products are loaded with great new features for underwater shooters. Check out the video to see what's new.

Scuba Diving Readers Choice Awards

We've also been going around the show floor and visiting winners from Scuba Diving's Readers Choice Awards. Check it out!

anthonys key dive resort

Anthony's Key Resort on Roatan, Honduras

Scuba Diving Editors

pro dive international mexico

Pro Dive International – Mexico

Scuba Diving Editors

ScubaLab Gear Guide Photo Shoot

After a long day on the show floor, we set up a photo studio to shoot some of the new gear products that will be features in our annual ScubaLab Gear Guide. Here's a look behind the scenes.

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DEMA Day 2


Cressi is coming out with some really cool new gear in 2018, including a sleek, powerful set of fins, a comfortable mask that eliminates the fog, and an impressive new computer. Check out the details and get a first look at the new gear.

Thalatoo MĀOÏ

Now this is a different concept. This dive computer — which is still in the prototype stage — can be strapped to your head and over your dive mask so all your vital information —such as depth, bottom time, no-deco time, ascent rate and safety stop — is displated right before your eyes. We got to try it out, and it's a pretty cool concept. Check out their website to learn more about a special crowdfunding price.

thalatoo dive computer

This dive computer is a lot like the Google Glass — it brings your dive information right before your eye.

Becca Hurley

SWES D-1001 Dive Light

This dive light creates clean, sustainable energy using sea water. Now that's pretty cool. Check it out in action below and learn more about the technology here.

Gear Photo Shoot

We're back in the photo studio at night to shoot more products for our 2018 Gear Guide. Here's another look behind the scenes.

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Day 3

Aqua Lung

After the Aqua Lung Outlaw BC made a big splash in the dive world last year, we were excited to hear about what's in store for 2018. We stopped by Aqua Lung's booth to hear more about the next step: the Rogue BC.

Check out the sleek new BC and what it has to offer.

Indigo Industries

The new BZ-DELTA from Indigo Industries is a really cool concept. This BC features and LED lighting system with 2,000-lumen lights on the front of the BC so you don't have to hold a dive light and a colored lighting system on the back that reads your tank pressure and changes colors to alert your buddies when you're running low on air. But the biggest innovation may be its MATIC quick connect system. It has magnets that allow you to snap in buckles and connect your tank with an easy snap. Check out the video to see it up close.

Sylvia Earle

Legendary explorer and ocean advocate Sylvia Earle took the time this morning to give an exclusive interview about developing a new generation of ocean conservationists. Stay tuned for a full-length story.

sylvia earle dema

Sylvia Earle at the 2017 DEMA Show

Becca Hurley

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Garmin Descent MK1 Dive Computer

DEMA has been absolutely buzzing about Garmin's new dive computer. The Descent MK1 Dive Computer is loaded with features, including GPS dive tracking, digital compass, multiple gas capabilities and all the features you expect from Garmin's watches on land. Check out these features in action in the video below.

DEMA Tour with Brent Durand

We took a tour of the 2017 DEMA Show with underwater photographer Brent Durand to see some of the hot new products. He took us by SeaLife, Zeagle, Scubapro, Scubaspa and more!