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Scuba App Review: Find-A-Fish and Find-A-Fish Lite

Find-A-Fish app


Version: 1.0
Price: Free or $0.99
Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Description: Find-A-Fish and Find-A-Fish Lite are freshwater fish identification guides. The developer states this app will identify 61 of the most popular freshwater game fish such as trout and bass; the free version has nine fish. The app gives you a photo, common name, scientific name, size, weight, habitat, feeding habits and general fishing guidelines as well as basic information about the fish.

Pros: This app will help you identify fish you may see while diving a lake, spring, river, or quarry. For the freshwater spearfisherman or boat fisherman this fish will help you determine the type of fish you caught and the general guidelines on where they hang out and what type of bait usually used to catch one.

Cons: Very rough around the edges in terms of use and development of the app. Scrolling up and down seems very stiff in the menus and can be frustrating. Some information is definitely out of date as well — for example, the Info page says a full version is coming soon and it’s dated 2009 (meaning the app hasn’t been updated in a long time).

Bottom Line: I haven’t found many freshwater fish identification apps out there, so Find-A-Fish is helpful. Although this app is definitely geared toward the fisherman, it’s still a decent aid for freshwater divers. Be warned though that the app is a bit rough around the edges and can be frustrating when scrolling up and down though the information about the selected fish. An upside is (at the time of writing) the full version is on sale for $0.99, cheaper than most if not all fish ID cards you’d find in your local dive shop.

To download the $0.99 version, go to Find-A-Fish.

To download the free version, go to Find-A-Fish Lite.

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