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Genesis Prana Regulator: ScubaLab Testers Choice

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Genesis Prana Regulator: ScubaLab Testers Choice

We tested the Genesis Prana regulator. With solid performance and lightweight comfort, it was our Testers Choice for regs under $500.

We measured regulators’ ability to deliver air at a range of depths and breathing rates on the breathing simulator at Dive Lab in Panama City Beach, Florida. We also tested regs at Alexander Springs in Central Florida with a team of test divers who scored them in 14 categories including ease of breathing, dry operation and comfort.

It’s no surprise that the Prana is based on the long-serving GS2000, since the family resemblance is clear. But while the chunky, balanced-piston first stage, alloy diaphragm ring, breathing adjustment and top-mounted Venturi control are still there, the Prana has benefitted from the makeover. The breathing adjustment is more ergonomic, the Venturi is easier to operate and the reg’s look has been freshened from the Y2K-era feel of its predecessor. Even better, the Prana has the same smooth breathing and lightweight comfort that we liked in the GS2000. Test divers rated it very good in all positions for both ease of breathing and dry performance. Its compact profile and near-neutral feel in the water helped it tie top score in its category for overall comfort. “So small and light,” said one testers; “super comfy,” noted another. Divers found the breathing adjustment highly effective, but also noted that a wide-open setting was a little prone to free-flow. One sore spot was the wide-flanged mouthpiece that found some testers’ tender points, prompting them to note they’d change it first thing. But test divers also selected it as their favorite in its category. The Genesis Prana is our Testers Choice for regs under $500.