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A Guide to Local Diving in The Florida Keys

By Scuba Diving Partner | Updated On April 1, 2021
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A Guide to Local Diving in The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is home to the United States’ only living coral barrier reef, making it an ideal scuba diving destination. From pristine, shallow coral reefs to epic wreck dives, the Keys offers something for every level of diver. There are plenty of shallow dives sites that can be enjoyed by both snorkelers and divers and each year thousands of divers flock to the Keys for the mini-lobster season.

Beyond scuba diving, the Florida Keys is a community that gives back. Both REEF and Coral Restoration Foundation have headquarters in the Florida Keys and have been pioneers in marine conservation initiatives. Whether you are looking to have a memorable dive experience or just looking to get involved, the Florida Keys is the place to be.

Use the resources below to find your next dive, jump in and become a part of this unique dive community!

Need to Know:

General Conditions For most outsiders, the water is warm year-round in the Florida Keys, but some Floridians may find the winter months to be a bit brisk.

Equipment The equipment you need will depend on the diving you want to do. A 3 mm or shorty will do for exposure protection during the warmer months. Depending on your tolerance for temperature, you may consider a 5 mm for diving during winter months.

Dive Shops Find a dive shop near you with PADI’s Dive Shop Locator.

Useful Certifications A PADI Open Water Diver certification will let you access almost all of the dive sites in The Keys, but additional certifications are often required for the deeper wreck dives. Consider an advanced or tec certification to reach wreck sites like the Vandenburg, or Spiegel Grove.

Popular Dives:

Preferred Dive Operators:

Dive Volunteer Opportunities:

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